Immunity Elixir Shack Palace
Immunity Elixir Shackpalace Rituals
Immunity Elixir Shackpalace Rituals
Immunity Elixir Shackpalace Rituals
Immunity Elixir Shackpalace Rituals

Immunity Elixir

For Optimal Health & Longevity


Ingredients:  Reishi (semi wild)#, Chaga (wild birch grown)#, Astragalus#, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Ginger, Turmeric*, Pink Lake Salt, Black Pepper*

#Di Tao

*Certified organic




Add 1 tsp to each cup of hot or iced coffee, carob, dandelion tea, hot chocolate or your favourite (hot or cold) brew, and blend in well. 

If pregnant or breastfeeding check with your health practitioner before using.

Our Immunity Elixir is a unique blend of medicinal mushrooms, herbs & spices and has been created to add to your daily brew with the intention of helping your body naturally boost its immune system, relieve stress, maximize your cardiovascular health, and sleep soundly.    

This brew blend contains the medicinal mushrooms Reishi (fruiting body extract) & Chaga (dual extracted scleroti) which have been di tao sourced (this means that they are high quality, medicinally dense herbs that have been grown in their natural habitat).   Research has shown Reishi to have a host of benefits including  anti-inflammatory properties & cardiovascular support and it can act as a powerful immune tonic. Chaga is a tonic herb and a powerful adaptogen, that acts as an anti-ageing, immune-boosting powerhouse.  It is rich in  betulinic acid, beta glucans, antioxidants and skin-protecting melanin, making it ideal for helping your body adapt to stress, promote healthy skin, and build a strong, resilient immune system. 

To further enhance the immune supporting intention of this elixir, we’ve included the adaptogenic root Astragalus (full extract) for its ability to support your Wei Qi (protective energy just under the skin) as well as enhancing the ability of the body to release toxins via the skin and heal wounds. It contains triterpene glycosides (saponins) and polysaccharides which provide immunomodulating effects in humans (and animals).  These enhance macrophage activity, increase natural killer-cell efficiency and increase the capacity for intelligent immune response to “invaders” while reducing excessive immune function, as we see in auto-immune conditions.  With its potential anti-ageing, immune boosting, vascular protective and anti-cancer properties, it is not surprising that in the Chinese tradition it is known as the Great Protector!

We have also included premium turmeric (8% curcumin), ginger powder & Ceylon cinnamon to support the immune system and help reduce inflammation.

We love the ‘grungy’ taste of this elixir in a great coffee, chocolate or dandelion brew, however, you can add a little raw honey (Manuka honey is excellent for its antibacterial properties) if your taste buds are on the sweeter side of life.  We also add it to curries, tagines and soups for a nutrition boost.


Medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs can be susceptible to solidifying if there is humidity in the air, creating clumpy or hard powder.  To prevent this occurring, use your brew elixirs regularly (at least once a week) otherwise shake them well at regular intervals, always keep the lid on tight and store in the freezer to keep for long periods of time.