Connecting with the earth is a very simple concept, yet our daily routines and the growing presence of modern technologies are increasingly disconnecting us from the ground beneath us. Most of us work indoors, drive cars, wear rubber soled shoes and therefore rarely come in contact our most natural energy source; the earth. At the same time, wifi, TV, computers and mobile phones are exposing our bodies to more electromagnetic waves than ever before, significantly disrupting our body’s electrical balance.

The act of earthing (or grounding) has been practiced for thousands of years, throughout various cultures. Earthing is once again becoming a growing movement as new research continues to support its many healing benefits.

The earth is a conductor of free electrons, so are we and so are all living things. Our bodies are composed mostly of water and minerals which in combination are an excellent conductor of electrons from the earth. When we have direct contact with the earth, these electrons are easily transferred to our bodies, helping us to neutralise the positively charged free radicals our immune system releases to fight infections, foreign materials or damaged cells.

Put simply, it is believed that earthing can help detoxify our bodies, having anti- inflammatory effects and releasing CO2 that can help balance our PH levels. Research shows that earthing among other things, restores and stabilises a natural state in the electrical functioning of the body, affects many physiological processes, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves blood viscosity, heart rate variability, cortisol dynamics, sleep and energy levels and aids recovery and healing.

There are many ways to earth. Grass, dirt, sand or even concrete are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the earths energy through direct contact, as well as the ocean, or any other naturally occurring body of water. Wearing leather or hide soled shoes, rather than plastic or rubber also allows the body to connect with the earth, however touching the earth with bare skin is always more effective than wearing any type of footwear or clothing.

It makes sense then, to create some time in our busy days to step away from our computers/ phones/ tablets, take off our shoes and walk on the grass or along the beach, or swim in the ocean or a mineral rich lake and allow our bodies to naturally equalise with the same electronic levels as the earth.

Let’s take some time to reconnect our bodies with mother nature and tap into the abundant healing properties of the ground beneath us.



I have personally experienced the immediate benefit of earthing and am a big fan. The challenge is to work out how to introduce it into our homes. I have experimented with several concepts and am getting closer to solutions which are effective and simple.  Stay tuned (and grounded)  - Frank

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