Our Vision

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Things are changing fast. It seems that our planet is split in two- there are those who are resisting change and those who are craving it. 

There is something stirring within us that senses a better way, a new path. Many are prepared to take big risks and turn their back on the security provided by an accepted mainstream world view that no longer resonates. 

Systems once revered such as education, health, economical, judicial and political now seem to not necessarily serve our best interest and are thrust into the spotlight with an open minded eagerness to make better. Our collective survival instincts are kicking in and there are many wonderful movements happening

simultaneously by people who are 'waking up', driven to help steer us all in a new direction. 

Optimism is growing and we are not satisfied with merely surviving, we are proving that we can in fact thrive together on this planet. 

There is a revolution on every corner.  At Shackpalace we too are wired to be part of a revolution of changing the status quo.  Our focus is a housing revolution - by constantly questioning our current housing types and ideas, and re-imagining new ideas and spaces to live in that will serve us better.  We believe that this housing revolution will create homes that can inspire us to thrive and grow into more connected beings - connected with each other and our environment.